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Life in Bible Times

Life, Work, Home, Worship
Animals & Plants 


  Everyday Life in Bible Times

Everyday Life

Clothes, Games, Hunting, Music, School, Weddings, Burial, Money & measures, Water,
Travel by Animal, Chariot, Ships and other travel


  Work & Home in Bible Times

Work & Home

Agriculture, Herdsmen, Fishing and other occupations, Houses, Tents, Architecture, Gardens, Furniture, Cooking, Washing, Pets, Pots & pans, Hospitality


  Worship in Bible Times


Pagan priests & altars, godstemples, Jewish Priests, Temple, and more Jewish worship, Ancient Christian worship.   See also Jerusalem Temple.


  Animals & Plants in the Bible

Animals & Plants

Animals: Mammals, Birds and other animals 
Plants: Trees, Spices, flowers and other plants.